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Changed Into A Different Person

"The Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them, and you will be changed into a different person." -1 Samuel 10:6

One of the most commonly asked questions by non-believers of Christians is, "What makes you different?" Clearly, there is a perception problem in the Christian faith if people are asking this question. Not many people view us differently, nor do they see changes in our lives as a result of our faith.

In the "Hypocritical" chapter of the book UnChristian, a survey proved this fact. Eighty-four percent of those polled said they knew a Christian personally, while only 15% said they saw lifestyle differences. Wow! This figure sadly coincides with the just 20% of us who say we have a Biblical worldview.

How can we change this? I believe many of us are content to live almost-Christian lives that are safe, that don't require anything of us except a "yes" and "amen". That's the easy part. We can let ourselves become preoccupied with the culture around us, keeping us in a surface-level Christianity and content with the status quo, a gospel that requires nothing more from us than attendance at church on Sunday. But the cry of God's heart is that we reach for so much more. He desires we know Him personally, and that we be filled with His Spirit, so that we can be active pursuers of the assignment He has in mind for us. We need a hunger for God that is insatiable, as He is our healer, and the true fulfiller of our hopes and dreams.

Saul was busy living his life when the Israelites requested a king. God chose him for this very purpose. And when he responded, God filled him with His Spirit to accomplish the work at hand. Saul was changed into a different person.

Is there a call of God you need to respond to? Perhaps you need to seek the true face of God, versus just the formula. He gives us greater things than we could ever imagine when we have a heart to seek after Him.

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