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Imitate Me

“Therefore I urge you to imitate me." -1 Corinthians 4:16

Do you imitate others? As we live our lives, we may not think we're imitating anyone; we may think we are marching to the beat of our own drum. But the truth is, we are imitating someone.

From advertisements to TV, to school to music, to our parents and relatives, everybody is telling us something. They tell us how to live, what kind of clothes to buy, what kind of food to eat, what to believe. Just the millions of song covers on YouTube will tell us we love to imitate those we admire. But, are we imitating the right people that will get us closer to the plans of God for our lives? Paul admonishes the Corinthians to "imitate him." Why? Because he knew he was their example for how to live as a Christian. In the following verse he tells them he is sending his "spiritual son" Timothy as a reminder and example for how to live life as an authentic follower of Jesus.

It's been said that who we hang around is who we become. Jim Rohn, who was an entrepreneur and motivational speaker said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Are we being intentional about who we are imitating and hanging around?

In order to become all that God intends us to be, we need to find people to imitate, who have the fruit in their lives that we want. A fruit is a RESULT. Getting marriage advice from someone who has been married five times probably isn't the best idea. Conversely, attending a training from someone who has their own successful business when you want your own is! We need to be intentional.

What do you want to accomplish in life? Do you have an idea about what you are gifted in or passionate about? Find people who have what you want and do what they do. This is the quickest way to find out how to be where you want to be - to learn from others who have both the experience, and the results.

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