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Supernatural Productivity

“...if your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here." -Exodus 33:15

Do you want to be more productive in your life? It seems there are more books written, blogs created, and seminars conducted on increasing personal productivity than ever before. After all, if time equals money, then our best asset would be to increase the amount of time we have, and decrease the time it takes to accomplish various tasks. In America, we are a particularly performance-driven society.

Anything that could save us time definitely grabs our attention! But, are we missing something when we look merely at better ways to get things done? Sure, this is helpful and practical, but - are we missing some sort of "x" factor or special sauce we keep searching for in order to produce more and become more effective?

I believe as Christians you and I have a special advantage. We do have that "x" factor, that "special sauce." He is the Holy Spirit. Paul Cuny, in his book Secrets of the Kingdom Economy describes the relationship between our worship to God and our personal productivity:

"One morning the Lord woke me very early to pray. This has been a regular occurrence for me over the years and the part of my day that I cherish. For over 20 years, I had run a demanding business, and at God's direction, I began a process of re-structuring my life to spend more time in prayer, study, writing, and fulfilling the two assignments He gave me in the mid-90s. In many ways, this was my time of activation, so to speak.

"...That morning the Lord said two words, activity and presence. I pondered those words for some time and finally asked the Lord if He would explain what they meant. He said something that has profoundly impacted my life: 'Activity will never produce My presence. My presence will always produce focused, productive activity.'" -Secrets of the Kingdom Economy, pp. 45-46.

Jesus did only what the Father showed him to do. He manifested the Father's presence in His day to day life by spending time with Him. Do you need to make more room for God, so that He can in turn make you more effective? Set aside time to pray, to worship, or to journal. See how God will increase your productivity when you do!

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