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About Prism Ministries

Prism Ministries was founded to help people experience and know who God really is, so they might truly reflect His nature and heart in the world around them.

About Charis

Charis grew up in a Christian home but the environment she experienced was filled with strife and contention. As a result, her parents divorced when she was 12. As the scars from childhood remained, Charis found herself in bouts of deep depression during her teen years. She ended up engaging in cutting and wanted to end her life. Thankfully, this did not happen as God revealed Himself to her in a powerful way as she began to really seek Him.

After going through three years of Bible college and leadership training, Charis worked 8 years for her dad Os Hillman as the marketing manager for his ministry, Marketplace Leaders. It was here that she wrote TGIF Next Gen, a spinoff of her dad's devotional TGIF, Today God Is First, but specifically for young adults. In this devotional, Charis conveys revelations she received from her time in Bible college, her own study of the Bible, and nuggets from other trainings she has attended.

Charis currently works full time for Clark Howard Brands as the senior editor for Clark Deals, helping people find the very best deals on everything from clothing to technology. She feels very blessed to be a part of such a trusted brand and doesn't take that responsibility lightly, though it is very fun!

Charis also speaks to groups on identity and calling, relationships and finance, and does one-on-one coaching and consulting.

In her spare time, Charis enjoys writing, singing and playing guitar. Charis has been married to her best friend and love of her life Justin for 7 years, and they live with their cat near Atlanta, GA.

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