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Earth Lost A Treasure

If you've ever experienced the loss of someone dear, you'll know what it feels like to lose a treasure.

Sunday night I learned that Dr. Paul Hegstrom passed away. Dr. Paul founded the program Life Skills, and also founded the organization, Life Skills International, that helped so many people overcome dysfunctional family systems and childhood trauma. I was a beneficiary of the hard work he had done to overcome anger, a cycle of alcoholism, pornography and abuse, and all the many people he helped during his life. The 1996 movie Unforgiveable was based on his life.

But Dr. Paul did in fact receive forgiveness, from His Savior Jesus Christ, from his wife and family, and from himself. He overcame incredible odds to help other people end cycles of abuse in their own family.

As a result of attending his 9 month program, I realized many things:

  • I was not a victim to my circumstances

  • There was a definite reason I dealt with certain issues in my life

  • People have a difficult time maturing emotionally after a traumatic event, which causes other issues in their lives

  • Many people are unhealthfully bonded to their parents, which results in problems in other relationships down the road

  • How trauma affects the brain and how it can be rewired to be healthy again (I am a new creation in Christ, 2 Cor 5:17).

I know the team at Life Skills, including Dr. Paul's family, are committed to continuing Dr. Paul's legacy. I am forever grateful for the investments I received from Dr. Paul and his team that have impacted my life and will continue to do so. May his legacy of freedom from addictions and emotional bondage continue, as he impacted the lives of so many.

Order Dr. Paul Hegstrom's book, Broken Children, Grown Up Pain here.

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