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"And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith." -Hebrews 12:1 & 2

True commitment is so rare in our culture. It's difficult to find someone who will do what they say - and stick it out until the end. Commitment is hard. You have to be one of 2% that will truly follow through with pursuing the things they say they want to, whether it's building a business, launching a career, losing weight, or staying married for a lifetime.

I believe commitment is the defining factor between someone who will fulfill the desires of their hearts and someone who won't.

When you're committed, you work hard. You persevere. Commitment takes courage. It's not dependent on circumstance. Commitment says, "I will do this, even though 'this and that' may happen, and they may do 'this or that'." Commitment takes looking at the hard things in life. Maybe we fear failure, and that's why we don't commit. Maybe it hasn't worked out before, and that's why we don't commit. We need to get past our insecurities and take action! We need to set the course for our lives. Only then will we be able to see what God may have in store.

When we're faithful to God and His plan for our lives, we will find Him to be faithful to us. "To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless..." (2 Sam 22:26, Ps 18:25) We have to discover where our dreams and God's plan align. We need to be moldable and shapeable through the twists and turns of life, but still remain committed.

Are you able to commit to a dream, a job, a goal, a relationship? Maybe you need to commit yourself fully to your heavenly Father. Whatever it may be, ask God to help you. In Christ, we can do all things. (Phil 4:19) 

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