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Is God the One to Blame?

"The thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life." -John 10:10

Probably one of the greatest stumbling blocks to people's belief in God is this question:

"If God is good, why does He allow suffering in the world?"

 I was on an online forum where a lot of atheists were one day, and the comment from one girl was, "It just seems like God is more akin to Hitler than anything else. Why would He force people to believe in Him, and all the other people die?" She definitely had a valid question.

Most of us have grown up in an environment that Satan controls, versus God, so our beliefs are swayed to believe that God is the enemy. In this kind of world there is no such thing as sin, only punishment. What a great scheme for the enemy of our souls to devise — to make people believe that God is the one to blame, that Satan had nothing to do with it, and neither did we. But we have to remember that without free will, man has no ability to choose right from wrong. God wanted to give us this ability, no matter the risks. If we did not have a choice, we would not have a say in our own destiny. We would be robots.

Unfortunately, God gets a lot of blame for what Satan does. We live in a world where the truth is distorted, maligned and misrepresented, and where innocent people are hurt by events outside of their control. So, what can we do?

The best thing we can do is develop a thriving relationship with God ourselves, walk in His presence, and show His love to others. We must realize that He is not the one to blame, and that we are the recipients of sin, passed all the way down from Adam and Eve. Satan's purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy our lives, but because of Jesus, we can be saved from the power of sin and death.

Do you know God's purpose is to give you a rich and satisfying life?

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